Opium Grave - "Obliterator " CD

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Opium Grave - "Obliterator " CD

The new album from Opium Grave is here... Behold the "Obliterator"!
Bleak, melancholic and dystopian blackened synths create mesmerizing and hypnotic dark cacophonous soundscapes that pave the way for the impending human extinction. Opium Grave plays Black Kosmische Musik exclusively!
A few words from the band;
"Mankind is the "Obliterator".
As the human race continues to destroy itself with a grand lust for destruction, the earth continues to burn and bleed from the wounds we have inflicted upon it.
Our presence here is merely a repeated repulsive assault upon nature and recent events only serve to highlight this fact. Embracing the putrid disgrace we are to our forebears is a badge of honour for far too many.
Narcissism, materialism and a manic obsession with triviality, consumption and pointless acts of social media vomit seduce all but the true Seers.
Those of us who have visions far beyond this realm of sorrow will be reborn at the dawn of a new age."
CD limited to 200 copies!