Opium Grave - "Black Sun Hexes - One" CD

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Opium Grave - "Black Sun Hexes - One" CD

Part one of the "Black Sun Hexes" compilation series from the obscure Australian entity Opium Grave.
Bleak, melancholic and dystopian blackened synths create mesmerizing and hypnotic dark cacophonous soundscapes that pave the way for the impending human extinction.
"Black Sun Hexes - One" contains material from the following releases; "Shroud of Sorrows", "Fallen/Pests", "Deathly Mesmerism" and "The Horror Of Perpetual Existence".
Some words from the band:
"The Human Race now exists merely as a pest, snagged on a fang in The Great Serpent’s mouth…soon to be devoured. In its totality, a mass of suicidal organisms corrupted by narcissism and filled with a voracious desire to poison their own undeserved dominion. Woe to those who destroy the purity and honesty of nature’s realm with their falsehoods, cancerous presence and spiritual deficiencies. So, let the vermin perish quickly and be cast into abyssal darkness. The looming Cosmic Hammer shall forge an eternal night and finally obliterate the failed Human experiment. Only The Seers shall awaken in new forms and in a new age".
CD limited to 150 copies!