Ordering Information

All prices are in $AUD.

Paypal is the only payment method accepted.

The time it takes for an order to get to you can vary in time depending on where you are located, sometimes weeks but also in rare instances it has taken a few months, especially during the busy seasons. So please be patient with your order. In 16 years only 1 thing has ever gone missing in the mail and that was to South Korea.

All international orders have tracking, and once your order is sent you will be emailed a confirmation email with the tracking number and link.

Email me for wholesale prices.

No trades.

I take no responsibility for items lost by the postal service, whether that be Australia Post or the international equivalent. Once I post it, it is out of my hands.
And after over 17 years of activity, it is most certainly not in my interest to not send anyones orders, so again keep that in mind.