Drowning the Light - "Sacrifice for the Darkness" CD

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Drowning the Light - "Sacrifice for the Darkness" CD

Majestic, haunting & melancholic Black Metal!
"Sacrifice for the Darkness" is a compilation of songs which were all written & recorded during the same period of time in the dying months of 2008, however instead of being a full length album these tracks were divided and used on various splits in the past. This compilation unites these tracks once again.
Track 1 is taken from the 3 way split with Nihasa & Possession Ritual.
Track 2 & 6 from the split with Lone Suffer.
Track 3 from the split with Eternum.
Track 4 & 7 from the split with Empire Of Tharaphita.
Track 5 from the split with Sargeist.
Track 8 is a bonus track that was unreleased until this compilation manifested.
CD limited to 300 copies.