Drowning the Light - "Enslaved by the Cave" CD

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Drowning the Light - "Enslaved by the Cave" CD

This EP is the spiritual successor to the "Paradise Slaves" EP, however instead of focusing on the herds delusions of "Paradise" this EP focuses on their blind grasp of "reality" using Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" as a point of reason but with a Setapophian twist on said allegory.
We live in a time of spiritual decay as civilization further erodes and humanity enslaves itself within that cave. When presented with the Black Flame burning bright, the weak close their eyes and grasp onto their mortal coil in fear because their whole reality is just an illusion and they are but slaves to it.
The sonic aspects of this EP are much like the burning light outside of the cave. For many it will sound like a wall of raw noise, putting the herd off and making them retreat to comfort (returning to the shackles of the cave). But for those who allow their ears to adjust, the harshness soon becomes something else - melody, truth and spirit hidden within!
Raw, melancholic & majestic Black Metal!