SPECIAL EDITION: Drowning the Light - "World Devourer" CD + 2 x Patches + Lyric Sheet

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SPECIAL EDITION: Drowning the Light - "World Devourer" CD + 2 x Patches + Lyric Sheet

***This special edition is limited to 90 and contains:
*Drowning the Light - "World Devourer" CD
*Drowning the Light - "Set-Apep Ouroboros" woven patch
*Drowning the Light - "World Devourer" yellow woven patch
*Lyric sheet

This is the third in Drowning the Light's series of ancient Egyptian darkness, following on from "A Gleam in the Eye of Set" & "Tenth Region of the Night".
Once again delving into Sets mastery over the primal unrestrained chaos serpent of the night that is Apep (Apophis), this EP contains 4 tracks of raw, melancholic and majestic Setapophian Black Metal!
In the Abyss not only does one use the Black Flame to conquer Apophis, but one also merges with the serpent ("Set-Apep" or "Setapophis"), this Black Magick is both the creator and devourer of worlds! Beyond the laws of nature and perceived "reality".
The dawn of the Setapophian Aeon is upon us.
Apep/Apophis the serpent of chaos, disorder & the abyss has existed before conceptualized time, ancient and immortal having risen up from the waters of primeval chaos which preceded the creation of the cosmos.
Apophis attacks the Solar boat of Ra nightly and threatens to bring chaos to the cosmological prison of time and order. Apep is the Vampyric hunger and predatory instincts inherent in living beings, including to an extent the Neteru (Gods) of the Ennead. Apophis has long been identified with Set, the God of Chaos, Darkness, Storms and War, yet is the Neter which brings balance and maintains Ra by holding back the unrestrained disorder of Apep. It was only Set who could withstand the magical powers of Apophis, who nightly would attack Ra and the gods who sailed on the solar barge through the tenth region of the night. Set mastered and conquered Apep, channeling his darkness and primal chaos into temporary Order.
CD limited to 300 copies.