Special 1: Drowning the Light - BUNDLE "Haunter...", "Lurker...", "Ghost..." + Photos +

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Special 1: Drowning the Light - BUNDLE "Haunter...", "Lurker...", "Ghost..." + Photos +

*This special edition comes with 2 signed Drowning the Light photos.
*This special edition comes with these three new Drowning the Light CD releases; "Haunter of the Deep", "Lurker of the Void" and "The Ghost of a Flea".
*This special edition comes with a copy of the "Grail Cipher".
The first 5 people to solve this cipher will win an exclusive demo.
*This special bundle is limited to 100.

"Haunter of the Deep" is an album filled with melodic and melancholic Setapophian Black Metal darkness that will drag you from the shallows into the murky depths below...
A journey to great empires forgotten by time... A trident to plunge and fill your lungs... And as death creeps closer with the tides and you are pulled into the Abyss, bioluminescent beings will become the last light that you see...