Drowning the Light - "The Longing" CD

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Drowning the Light - "The Longing" CD

"The Longing" is a haunting reminder of where Drowning the Light began.
This CD is a compilation of 3 primitive demos from 2003, recorded on 4-track and maintaining the original sound and nature of those demos.
It includes: "The Haunting of the Black Aristocracy", "Howling Forests of Desolation" and "Dark Winter Depression".
Each of these demos were extremely limited and only given out to a select few at the time. Recorded during a time of isolation and disgust in what everything had become. A time when the ocean and the mountains were the only place for peace.
These demos represent the true essence of sorrow and longing... These demos represent truth in all its simplicity.
Raw & melancholic Black Metal!
Limited to 200 copies.