Black Funeral - "Moon of Characith" CD

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Black Funeral - "Moon of Characith" CD

22 years since its last release on CD, “Moon of Characith” is a Nightside based recording which captures some of Black Funeral's darker nights of working through the private “Characith Lunar Lodge” which operated from late 1997 to the beginning of 1999. The goal of this lodge was to make contact with the Nightside based elementals, spirits and lycanthropic enegies which can be made useful in awakening dormant atavisms. The Black Order of the Dragon was center to this vampyric astral coven which opened the way for Luciferianism Michael W. Ford would establish. The entirety of this recording was engineered and designed to act as a guide and muse for astral projection and our self-initiation into the Zos Kia Cultus and the Witches Sabbat.
Moon of Characith is a Sigil of Sound, Sonic Black Magick. If utilized properly, it can act as an opening gateway into the Nightside, the Acausal or Chaos-realm and explore our darkest desires.
Dark ritual ambient!
CD limited to 333 copies!