Auld Ridge - "Mítt Ríce" CD

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Auld Ridge - "Mítt Ríce" CD

By command of the Hermetic Order of Ytene, "Mítt Ríce" is the debut release from Auld Ridge.
"Mítt Ríce" is old English for "My Kingdom", a fitting title for a release filled with stunning acoustic folk tracks and one extremely dark and powerful Black Metal track reflecting the bands connection with the natural world...
Be taken through the forest covered mountains of old, frozen forgotten lakes and snow fields with this debut that was recorded in Vestlandet, Norway and Ytene, Southern Albion in 2018.
This CD version contains 3 unreleased tracks which will remain exclusive to the CD version and not be released digitally or online.
Something special for those who support physical formats.
CD limited to 300 copies.