Albionic Hermeticism - "Nova Nativitas Mundi" CD

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Albionic Hermeticism - "Nova Nativitas Mundi" CD

By command of the Hermetic Order of Ytene, "Nova Nativitas Mundi" is a majestic, soaring and Diabolical Black Metal space opera in 3 acts.
In Act 1 the listener follows the journey of the royal alchemist, Myrddin, as he is appointed his holy mission to, one way or another, set the ball rolling on the formation of a new Galactic Imperium in the name of the king. The King has long viewed the distant astral bodies as a means to connect with divinity, and now after communion with what he perceives to be Jesus Christ, he sees it as his destiny to reach them and become a godlike figure himself.
In Act 1 Myrddin develops his unholy formula to propel man to the stars and reach the neutron star that the king perceives to be his portal to divinity.
In Act 2 the listener follows Myrddin and his crew to the stars, where they reach the neutron star to find only that it is no such thing. The crew is sucked into a wormhole and greeted not by divinity, but by Satan himself. It was he that visited the king that fateful night, A diabolical trick by the prince of darkness to tempt the once holy men into the construction of a new Galactic Imperium, but not in the name of a divine god king, but in the name of dark and powerful entities.
In Act 3 the listener follows the crew as they undergo this iniquitous task, by first constructing a cosmic temple to Satan, where worship and sacrifice will replace life on earth with the rule of galactic satanic worship and eventually the formation of the final Galactic Imperium.
CD limited to 300 copies.