Albionic Hermeticism - "Brittonic Ways" CD

$15.00 AUD
Albionic Hermeticism - "Brittonic Ways" CD

By command of the Hermetic Order of Ytene, this is a ferocious, majestic and savage Black Metal offering to the old Brittonic Ways!
Surging with darkness and truth, Albionic Hermeticism once again captures something rarely found in Black Metal these days!
O.W.G.A, the sole member of Albionic Hermeticism describes the project as "enlightenment by means of hermetic rituals in a North-western European context: the ancient rites and gods of Egypt brought forth by their own pagan European past, a past morphed by centuries of migrations including that of the red-haired Egyptian aristocracy to the British isles".
CD limited to 300 copies.