Varw - "Wights of the Barrow Fume" CD

$15.00 AUD
Varw - "Wights of the Barrow Fume" CD

Steeped in Celtic mythology & Black Magick, "Wights of the Barrow Fume" is the debut album from the Australian Black Metal horde Varw.
Haunting acoustic tracks soothe you away from the decay of this modern world while the raw and uncompromising Black Metal cacophony only further fills the heart with majesty and creates visions of ancient darkness!
An album which truly captures the old spirit of Black Metal created by two souls known for their dark artistic visions and dedication.
Balam (Pestilential Shadows, Rift, Nazxul etc.) & Greallach have created something truly special with Varw.
Limited to 300 copies.