Varcolaci - "Among the Cloud-Graves" CD

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Varcolaci - "Among the Cloud-Graves"  CD

From the earthen tomb the sepulchral shadows of the Varcolaci cultus, reaches with wolfish claws and burning eyes towards the moon. Storm-clouds darken and envelop the sky, bringing the shadows and nightmarish spirits of night.
Varcolaci is Vampyric Magick woven in sound, obscure black metal and ambient waves of the tomb and darkened skies.
Varcolaci is a conceptual manifestation of the deep knowledge and ancient powers associated with Vampyrism from Slavic and Pagan magical practices and religion. The depths of meaning are as the vast green vines and snakes which enter the dark earth to find balance between the chthonic and the skies of both storm and night.

Varcolaci is an entity created by Akhtya Nachttoter & Azgorh, both are well known for their work together in Black Funeral & Strigoii, as well as their various other entities such as Valefor, Darkness Enshroud, Akhtya, Drowning the Light, Harvest, Ghosts of Oceania, Forgotten Kingdoms - to name a few.

CD limited to 300 copies.