Special 1 - Harvest - "Medieval Satanic Poison" CD

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Special 1 - Harvest - "Medieval Satanic Poison" CD

This special edition is limited to 50 copies and comes with a metal pin of the Harvest logo!!!

Since before its birth the vile rot that is Harvest, was given its death sentence.
Its fate was sealed in 2013 with the album "Forgotten Vampyres of the Melancholic Night", since then it has been forgotten by many, just like the vampyres of old who once ruled under the moon & stars...
However, sometimes the dead don't remain in the dirt, sometimes the scratching on the coffin lid can't be ignored.
Now once again poisoning the wellspring of life... Harvest is reborn with this album of Medieval Satanic Poison!

Rotten, melancholic, medieval & vampyric Black Metal!