Valefor - "Ceremony of the Ordeal" CD

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Valefor - "Ceremony of the Ordeal" CD

Valefor - "Ceremony of the Ordeal"

Over 20 years since Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael Ford) unleashed the entities debut album, now reopening the tomb with "Ceremony of the Ordeal", a mix of dark ambient, death industrial and ritualistic Black metal.

Valefor (USA) has prepared an album which guides the listener into the ancient religion of sorcery among the daevayasna (worshippers of demons), known as ‘ Yatukdinoih ’ (witchcraft) in ancient Persia. This cult of honoring, using spells and chants, pouring libations and incense to specific Daevas dependent upon their function in nature, mind and body. Yatuk Dinoih, a resurgent modern Luciferian tradition is defined in Michael W. Ford’s “DRAUGA – Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih” and other published grimoires. The “Ceremony of the Ordeal” is the inverse ritual of the Zoroastrians, the entry into the darkness as a yatus or sorcerer. The ceremony of the yatus (a sorcerer) traditionally makes offerings to Ahriman and the Daevas (demons) in the hours of darkness to attain goals and desires (including spiritual initiation). The yatus is his or her own god, responsible for thoughts, words and actions and thus a “temple” of Ahriman by seeking to attain spiritual and carnal desires. The “demons” are not symbolized as mere spirits, rather as elemental powers which may be harnessed and directed in the creation and destruction of the Will alone. The musical structure of the album is haunting, cold and darksome in essence and is a journey into the “Hells” of the Daevas and their astral abodes in the graveyards of those long buried.
The dark ambient and martial industrial atmospheres present a varied array of transforming, illusionary melodies and discordant, ritualistic low-end drones. The haunting and darkly beautiful black metal hymns which offer deep foundations into the depths of Dozak (Hell) and the Netherworld of ghosts guide the listener into layers of syncretic ritual chanting, ethereal melodies, discordant and ominous spiritual chaos.
Valefor represents misanthropy, predatory spiritualism and the teachings of Luciferianism symbolically woven in foreboding ritualistic dark ambient black metal. The eaters of souls are waiting for the listeners to indulge and enter the gateway of nightmares, where the waking world is darksome and hauntingly beautiful; a spirit disembodied and immortal in the primal darkness.
The lyrical invocations adapted from the Denkart, Bundahishn and the Zatspram, the height of demonology being in the 9th - 10th -century works of Zoroastrian tradition. The sacred darkness, the very essence of Ahriman the symbolic God of this World, along with the hymns and incantations of the Daevas are interwoven with the sound inherent in this album. Each song is best described as a noose, cast over the neck of the listener and a journey into Hell begins. Each track represents specific powers inherent in humanity and in nature; abstract invocations howled as spells to inspire the individual exploration of the Ahrimanian path of demonology and Luciferianism. Valefor is not regurgitating corrupted, pseudo-Satanism from uninspired “Christian” rimoires; rather this infernal host articulates as artists the richly vast demonology and symbolism of Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih (primal sorcery).

CD limited to 500 copies.