Mirkhall - "Like Wolves - Like Heathens" CD

$8.00 AUD
Mirkhall - "Like Wolves - Like Heathens" CD

Like a wolf stalking its prey, Mirkhall has been silent for over a decade since its last demo (2000), but the scent of blood has once again ensnared the nostrils of this beast and lit the thought to be extinguished flame in its heart!
"Like Wolves - Like Heathens" is the debut full length of this barbaric, hateful and wolfish Black Metal brainchild of Gand aka Shatraug (horna, sargeist, mortualia etc.) with the help of Blackheart (DTL, Atra) and Nox (Forest Grave, Foudre Noire), Mirkhall is a travel back to ancient times with a heathen ethos, immortal and proud!
Complete worship of The Temple of Fullmoon bands from Poland especially early Graveland!
Limited to 500.