Cult of Thaumiel - "Palaces of Iniquity" CD

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Cult of Thaumiel - "Palaces of Iniquity" CD

Cult of Thaumiel is a diabolical collaboration between the mysterious Cultus Caliginous circle and Akhtya Nachttoter (Black Funeral, Darkness Enshroud, Akhtya, Varcolaci, Strigoii etc.).
"Palaces of Iniquity" presents the true essence of Cult of Thaumiel; the veneration of the Satanic, anti-cosmic chaos from the "other side". The throne of this chaos-abyss is the dual-headed manifestation of the Adversary... Thaumiel!
This debut EP is raw, pure and uncompromising Satanic Black Metal and ritual darkness!
CD limited to 150 copies.