Kommodus - "Of Carnage And Conquest" CD

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Kommodus - "Of Carnage And Conquest" CD

This is a compilation CD of the first 2 Kommodus demos, "Will To Dominate All Life" & "One Thousand Years Of The Wolf".
Kommodus is a raw Black Metal spear in the side of the modern world!
This CD is limited to 500 copies.

A few words from the band on each demo:
"Will To Dominate All Life": Our societies are increasingly becoming homogenised, globalised parodies of their former selves. The privileged are so insular and steeped in contemporary rhetoric that they’re blind to the basic truths of
our existence. The zenith of humanity has been reached and is now but forgotten words in forgotten books. Every day our contaminated planet moves closer towards its inevitable oblivion, and I am glad.
Lepidus Plague despises the current zeitgeist and vehemently supports the extinction of the human
species and all traces of its rancid legacy.

"One Thousand Years of the Wolf": It is my supreme hope that the black metal which comprises this release inspires the listener. These songs are intended to ignite a flame deep within, a flame that harkens back to the old world, to establish a connection with your ancestors. To have you feel inspired by the blood in your veins, the blood of those who have conquered with strength and honour, those who have contested the very same conquerors with bravery and resilience, those who have lived and fought and died during a time when our species was true to itself. When pride, discipline, and an adamantine-will, were code necessary for survival. Now is an augmented era of ephemeral information, instant accessibility and empty gratification, and false curated reflections. There exists a seemingly constant stream of bias, slander, and fickle rhetoric that is only pandered to and encouraged. It is imperative to reflect on what we were, and the potential of what we can still be. We can be carved out of marble like our heroes erected as monuments and admired in museums. We can be iron. We can be wolves. We just need to look inwards.