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Drowning the Light - "Tenth Region of the Night" CD with info sheet


Drowning the Light - "Tenth Region of the Night" which includes the CD + an info sheet.
Limited to 100 copies.

Drowning the Light return with this journey through the river of stars and into the tenth region of the night, where the chaos serpent Apep/Apophis lurks, awaiting to strike Ra and devour his Ka.
Time is reversed and darkness consumes the light.
In this abyss we are one of many coils, Apeps circle tightening to strangle and crush the living world, creation shall be un-made as we enter reverse into the mirrors of this world.
Nothing shall halt the desire for primal chaos and the unquenchable thirst to drain the blood of this world.
Dark, melancholic and epic Black Metal.
Lyrics for this demo were written by Akhtya Nachttoter/Michael Ford.