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Drowning the Light - "From the Abyss" CD

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Drowning the Light return from the void with this dark opus of medieval sorrow and cruelty.
The Varcolaci has awakened and after 3 years in the making "From the Abyss" is ready to reignite a Promethean flame in the hearts and minds of those who have tasted the end and those willing to embrace the new tide.
This album is very much DTL but also something new, like a serpent shedding it's skin, DTL has cast these 13 spells with more venomous majesty then ever before!
Be baptized in the primordial waters, let them wash off the stench of humanity, ascend deeper and rise farther down, until the darkness and you become one...
Dark, epic, melancholic and medieval Black Metal!
2015 album.